Easy & Safe European Destinations To Travel To With Kids

Spain, Alicante city at a nice sunset

Travelling with kids can leave you with unforgettable family memories to cherish for life. It can also leave you with lingering flashbacks about everything that went wrong for months on end. It’s no easy task getting youngsters organised to travel, packing their bags, keeping them occupied in the departure lounge and trying to make sure they don’t cause havoc on the plane. Then, if you’ve not been to that particular destination before, there’s the added worry of if where you’re flying too is even suitable for kids. It really is enough to put you off leaving the UK.

Does travelling with kids need to be a nightmare? The simple answer is – no, it doesn’t. There are lots of easy and safe European destinations to travel to with kids so stop worrying and start planning your next family holiday in Europe. If you’ve not travelled much with your kids then one of the first things to take into consideration are places with short flight times from the UK and believe it, there are plenty. You’ll also want to be somewhere where there are family oriented resorts with lots of child-friendly activities so they’re kept busy and you get the chance to relax. Check out these amazing, but easy and safe European destinations to travel to with kids and before you know it, you’ll be feeling like the best parent in the world when you see the smile on their faces.


Alicante is a fantastic family resort on the south east coast of Spain and less than three hours flying time from the UK. Cut down on frustrating transfer times between airport and hotel by booking a seafront hotel along San Juan Beach. It’s just twenty minutes from Alicante Airport so the kids will be unpacked and on the sand before they’ve even realised they’ve landed in a foreign country. Most hotels there welcome children, unless they’re adult-only, have kids pools, speak your language and serve buffet breakfasts the youngsters will love helping themselves too. In Alicante you won’t need to worry if your kids are picky eaters either. Take a walk down the promenade with them and you’ll soon find somewhere serving food they’re more than familiar with.

Costa Blanca, Alicante, Spain

Fun Things To Do With Kids In Alicante

Show the kids the sights with a ride on the Alicante tram. They’ll be amazed at the length of the beach, the palm trees and if you stay on for the full loop, Benidorm too. For fun days out there’s the theme park Terra Mitica and the water park Aqualandia nearby. To show them some history without them getting bored, take them to the Castillo de Santa Barbara in Alicante’s Old Town and they’ll be totally fascinated exploring the medieval fortress.


Split in Croatia might not be the first, or even the second, place to come to mind when thinking of safe and easy European destinations to travel to with kids, but it is well worth considering. Croatia has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe and Split is just a two and a half hour flight from the UK. Split also has great, uncrowded beaches where you can spend family days together splashing in the crystal-clear blue water. Aside from beaches, there are also some really exciting things to see and do in Split you really won’t want to miss taking the kids to see.

Split, Croatia

Fun Things To Do With Kids In Split

Take them to the Klis Fortress and while you may recognise it as one of the filming locations from Game of Thrones, they’ll be left open-mouthed thinking they’ve entered a landscape from a video game turned reality. They’ll be even more flabbergasted if you take them on a speed launch to Bazun then take the small boat into the Blue Cave. The sea cave and its blue illumination leaves even adults speechless. Take them to Krka National Park and they’ll think they’ve entered a three-dimensional fantasy world. Hike with them along the nature trail, swim together in natural pools below cascading waterfalls then explore the creepy Roman catacombs in the caves under the monastery. It’ll totally freak them out.


If you’re wearing a puzzled expression on your face after reading the name, Rovaniemi, don’t worry, most other people would be too. Rovaniemi is the capital of Finnish Lapland and right on the Arctic Circle. If you’re shaking your head thinking that’s no safe and easy European destination to travel to with kids, you’d be wrong. Rovaniemi is just a little over three hours by plane from the UK and it’s so safe a lot of people don’t even bother locking their doors at night. You can guarantee the kids will behave every minute of the way too. Why? Because when you land, you’ll be taking them to meet Santa Claus. What better motive to behave is there than that? As Rovaniemi is now Santa’s official home, you don’t need to make the trip at Christmas either, you can go any time of the year. Though it has to be said, it is definitely a lot more magical when there’s a deep layer of snow on the ground.

Snowman at Santa Office in Santa Village Rovaniemi Lapland

Fun Things To Do With Kids In Rovaniemi

The Santa Claus Village theme park is eight kilometres from Rovaniemi and there’s a frequent shuttle service between the two. If you’re planning a winter trip, you can even sleep in an igloo or ice cabin at the park. Summer or winter, head to Husky Park in the village to meet the pups then be pulled along by them on a sled or carriage ride, go to feed Santa’s reindeer or send your friends postcards with an Arctic Circle postmark from Santa’s post office. Jump over the line and the kids will get a certificate to say they’ve crossed the Arctic Circle which is a souvenir they’ll love pinning up on their bedroom wall.

There are lots of other things to do in Rovaniemi too though some depend on the time of year you go. If you take the kids there during the school holidays toward the end of August, which by the way is not peak season for Rovaniemi, you’ll have a chance to see the magical Aurora Borealis. In summer you can give them the slide of their life on the Ounasvaara Scenery Lift and Summer Sled Track, go fatbiking or hiking along amazing nature trails, visit reindeer farms for a sleigh ride or watch huskies in training at a husky farm. In winter get adventurous and have a go at ice climbing, go-karting on the snow, snowshoeing through the drifts or get the kids riding pillion on your snowmobile. They’ll love it and so will you.