Using an Independent Travel Agent.

So you’ve got a swish new laptop, fast broadband and you’re looking for a dream holiday in the sunshine. You’re not sure where you’re going but the world is your oyster right? You don’t need an independent travel agent, you’ve got the internet – how tough can it be to book accommodation and an itinerary that perfectly suits your requirements?

Well, despite the supposed ease of online booking more and more people are returning to independent travel agents to book their holidays and help them with choosing the different elements that make up an individual’s unique idea of a dream holiday. So what are the benefits of an independent travel agent?

Freedom and Value For Money

Because an independent travel agent is not tied to a host company they can search a multitude of providers to find you the right holiday at the right price. They are able to sell the best deals available and are able to negotiate with providers to get great discounts and wholesale prices. These savings are passed onto the customer who also enjoys a huge choice of destinations and accommodation that come recommended by industry professionals.

Rather than crossing their fingers when they make an online booking they can rest assured that the holiday they choose when they book through an independent travel agent is going to match their requirements exactly.

Time For Yourself

Although the process of booking a holiday online seems simple and hassle free the reality is that you will spend hours – probably days – browsing through websites, reading hotel reviews, learning about destinations and checking hire car prices in the lead up to actually handing over your credit card details and making the booking.

An independent travel agent can save you a whole lot of precious time during the booking process. Essentially they will do the hard work for you, searching for the best deals and the accommodation that best suits your needs. Time is one of life’s most valuable commodities so wouldn’t it be better to let someone else do the legwork to find you the holiday of your dreams?

Expert Knowledge

When you’re deciding on a holiday in a destination you haven’t been to before it can be tough to make decisions based on the information available. You won’t know that the beautiful hotel on the beach you have your eye on has neighbouring building works causing noise and disruption throughout the day. It is this kind of local information that can help you book a holiday dream rather than a nightmare.

Independent travel agents have their ear to the ground with colleagues and contacts relaying local information as part of normal communication. They will know what the weather is like at any given time, whether a resort is ideal for peace and relaxation or more geared up for a party crowd or where the best beach is for water sports. In short the expert advice provided by a travel agent ensures that your holiday expectations are met and each element of the trip is how you want it.

Help Always At Hand

Precious Time prides itself on the highest levels of customer service. Unlike an online booking, a holiday with us means help and advice every step of the way. We go the extra mile to find the right holiday for you and are available throughout your trip to make sure things run a smoothly as possible. Need a reservation in a busy restaurant – we’ll fix it up. Need a doctor during the night just give us a call and we’ll arrange it. Because we have specialist knowledge of the area we can quickly and efficiently organise things for you. From theme park tickets to bicycle hire – we’ve got you covered.

Making Happy Customers

We realise that customers are the lifeblood of our business so we are committed to creating a happy customer base who use us year after year. We want our clients to become fans of Precious Time and to recommend us to their families and friends. This is why we put so much emphasis on service and go out of our way to not only book the best holidays but to provide insightful recommendations based on our wide experience and, of course, great value for money.

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