Things to do in The Lake District

Things to do in The Lake District

Located in the Northwestern part of England, Lake District is a national park and an extremely popular holiday destination. That is because it is a stunningly beautiful place with glacial ribbon lakes and rugged mountains. And that is not all, the place also has historic literary associations that will leave you spellbound.

In case you are planning to hit the Lake District this summer, we have compiled together an incredible list of things that you should most definitely do when you are in Lake District, England.

Take a boat round around Lake Windermere

Stretching over ten miles, Lake Windermere is the largest lake not just in the Lake District but the entire England. Take a stroll to the Bowness-on-Windermere where you will find some great water sports and other activities.

But if you want to experience peace, we suggest a boat ride around the entire lake. You can also hire a bicycle and ride it around the Lake Windermere.

Visit William Wordsworth’s

Lake District was the place where William Wordsworth decided to get a house and compose enchanting poetry.

His cottage is almost whitewashed, located right near the Grasmere is filled with Wordsworth’s memorabilia which includes his famous ice skates, paintings of his dog Pepper, which was gifted to him by Sir Walter Scott and his reading glasses. As you walk through the cottage, you will find the garden which has now gone wild, where Wordsworth used to sit and write.

Gaze at the stars at Low Gillerthwaite

This is one the few places in the world where you can watch the glowing Northern Lights, and since Low Gillerthwaite is largely unpopulated, there is hardly any pollution to destroy the view. But it gets even more beautiful during the winters when the Northern Lights coincide with new moon phases.

Definitely one of the best places to camp out and have a cozy bonfire.

Take an electric bike ride

Electric bikes are pretty common in Lake District. They make for a fun and environment-friendly way to see the area. So ditch your big cars and rent out the bikes to discover the hidden places that your car could never take you to. Also, electric bikes are a great option if you do not have the stamina to cycle everywhere.

Its very easy to rent out a bike and there are charging stations all over the place.

Enjoy the views at Tarn Hows

Tarn Hows has some of best views in the entire Lake District. It is a bit of a hike but is still readily accessible with a well-surfaced circular track suitable for wheelchairs as well as buggies, so none of your family members can miss out on it.

Of course, it is very popular that means it can get crowded at times. Be sure to go up there early mornings to get the perfect view without any crowd.