Things to do in Tenerife

Things to do in Tenerife

Home to the capital city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and the largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is nothing less of a beauty, here we have put together a list of just a few things to do in Tenerife to explore the real character of the island. From volcanoes, to national parks and carnivals, this place has it all.

Take a boat ride to see the cliffs at Los Gigantes

Over the Atlantic Ocean, these cliffs run vertically about 1,600 feet up and they are an absolute feast to the eyes. You cannot climb the cliffs but if you wish to take a closer look why not take one of the many boat trips available in Los Gigantes. There are also many restaurants around the area which provide the same glorious views.

Visit Teide National Park

Made by nature’s violent side, Mount Teide looks absolutely stunning over an intense blue sky surrounded by Teide National Park. This is one of Spain’s highest peaks at around 3718 metres above sea level.

If you are visiting Mount Teide, a cable car ride to the top of the mountain is a must. Sadly, the actual summit is closed for visitors but the amazing views from the cable car ride is absolutely worth it.

Go mad crazy at the carnival

The carnivals in Tenerife are loud, outrageous and flamboyant. Each town of Tenerife celebrates the carnival in their own way, which is held either in February or March (the exact date changes every year). The carnival will find you wherever you might be staying in Tenerife, .

The parties here go on all night and are definitely not for the faint hearted. Everybody at the carnival wears their brightest clothes and you should too!

Take a dip in one of the rock pools

Once Tenerife’s main port, Garachico changed forever when two destructive molten rivers filled the harbour with lava. But as luck would have it, the same reason why this little town was written off the map is also the reason why this town is now filled with tourists all year round. The rock pools here are of different shapes and sizes. Some are great for kids while others are really deep. All in all, a trip to Garachico would be totally worthy of Instagram.

Attend a Romería

A Romería is a fiesta held by the locals here where they dress in their traditional clothing and elaborately decorate their ox carts. They then take to the streets in a grand procession where they hand out delicious local food including juicy barbecued pork, gofio amasado (savoury cakes of toasted grain flour mixed with honey and almonds), vino del pais (country wine) and beef fillets.

Are you ready for your trip to Tenerife?