What to do in Majorca

What to do in Majorca

This little Spanish island is world famous for its white beaches and deep blue sea. But it’s not just about quiet and serene beaches here, the centre of the island is just as fascinating with almond orchards and vineyards and of course, there is the vibrant city of Palma which is full of great restaurants and high-end brands where you can shop till you drop.

Party hopping

When you think of Majorca, you instantly think of epic parties and there is no better way to honor this place than by a great party crawl. You could start with La Lonja which has the famous Jazz Voyeur Club, Aborca and many other places to eat and drink or you could head over to Paseo Marítimo which has the longest strip of restaurants and bars that are open until the early hours.

Go on a wine route and explore the vineyards

Majorca produces some of the most famous wines in the world and the only reason they aren’t available anywhere else is because there isn’t much left here to actually export. With more than 70 vineyards, this is the perfect place for wine lovers. You could explore the different vineyards here to taste amazing wine and enjoy a traditional picnic.

Have a gourmet lunch on a yacht

Now, Majorca is all about luxury and when you are here, you should definitely treat yourself to some. There are yachts available for rent here which take you to the middle of the blue Mediterranean Sea where you can enjoy a scrumptious seven course meal and soak up the sun on the deck.

Explore Palma de Majorca

With the biggest marina of the Mediterranean Sea, Palma de Majorca has two distinct sides to it. At one end you will find beautiful old world architecture which can be easily explored through narrow streets.  On the other side of this town, you will find amazing clubs, restaurants and high-end brands where you can shop to your hearts content and of course, there is the picturesque marina which is one of the best places to spend your evenings. There are many sea food restaurants near the marina which you should definitely try.

Drive to Sóller

Sóller is a quintessential Spanish town located in the north-west part of the island. It is known for its delicious candies or carmellos (as the Spanish like to call it) and Majorcan oranges which are the most delicious oranges you will ever taste in your lifetime. They are also the biggest export of the island. After your visit to the local market, you can head over to Port de Sóller to grab some Majorcan sea food.

Majorca might be a small island but it still has its own personality and it’s stylish in an understated way. Hope this post inspired you to visit this magical Spanish island.